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Hi, I am Nikesh Seth, MD - CEO of Integrated Pain Consultants. I will be posting weekly about new topics ranging from managing pain to the current Opioid epidemic. I am double board certified Anesthesiologist that is consistently awarded “Top Doc” in the field of pain management by Phoenix Magazine. I truly believes that every patient is a unique individual which is why each patient receives a thorough evaluation to determine the actual underlying reason for a patient’s pain and discomfort.

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Rheumatoid arthritis affecting more young people than once thought, says Mayo doctor

Doctors have largely thought of rheumatoid arthritis as a disease suffered by older patients, with symptoms typically appearing between the ages of 40 and 60. But Cynthia Crawson, a researcher and statistician at the Mayo Clinic, found that the probability of a young person being diagnosed with RA is much higher than experts previously thought.

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Platelet-rich plasma injections offer pain relief not just for athletes

Today, platelet-rich plasma injections are one of the most popular pain-management treatments I offer at Integrated Pain Consultants. But they were not well-known outside the world of sports until a few years ago. PRP injections use a patient’s own platelets, drawn from their blood, to treat pain in an afflicted area and stimulate healing. Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are cells within the bloodstream...

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Is Marijuana an Appropriate Pain Management Strategy?

As both states and the federal government are adopting policies to stem the opioid addiction crisis, marijuana is being seriously looked at by major drug companies and patients in need of pain relief. While marijuana remains controversial – it is still an illicit substance under federal law – pain relief is a noted side effect of many strains of marijuana, and it’s not proven to be physically addictive like opioids.

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