Benefits of yoga to help strengthen core

The Benefits of Yoga to Help Strengthen Core

In recent years, there have been numerous studies examining the benefits of yoga on both physical and mental health, with many health care providers suggest adding it into their patients’ daily routine. Dr. Nikesh Seth, a pain management physician from Scottsdale, Arizona sees numerous patients daily with chronic pain issues, especially in regard to back pain. Many yoga asanas (body postures) help to strengthen our body’s core, and hence can provide some advantages, including for patients suffering from chronic pain issues. Our core does not only consist of our abs (rectus abdominus muscles), but includes some of our back muscles, and some pelvic muscles as well, all helping to support the rest of body, particularly our spine.

Increasing Balance

One of the most obvious ways yoga and a strengthened core helps is by achieving better balance. Through the various asanas of yoga, patients are able to work many different muscles groups of their core at once in a non-stressful manner. As people age, this is important as balance can become an issue, and yoga helps to combat the risk of imbalance, falls, and injuries. It is always suggested to learn yoga from a certified trainer to assure proper posturing to help prevent injury.

Decrease the Risk of Back Pain

Many patients who experience back pain do so due to inadequate support of their spines, and one of the reasons for this can be having a weak core. A weak core, particularly the abdominal muscles, leads to other muscles having to work harder to support the spine, and most of the time this burden is transferred onto the back muscles. For patients who routinely have back pain, yoga can help build up the core strength to help balance muscle mass around the entire core including the back and front, helping to hold the spine in a proper position. With many jobs nowadays requiring extended periods of sitting, Dr. Nikesh Seth also recommends taking small breaks to help stretch out the muscles of the back, and also being mindful of your posture when working.

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