Treatments for Failed Back Surgery

Back pain is unbelievably common, even among people who are athletic and physically fit. In fact, being physically fit comes with its own kind of potential for back pain  Naturally we see a lot of back pain in our clinic, especially in the lumbar region. Although some of the people we see can be referred […]

Lower Back Pain in Athletes

Yes, I seem compelled again to write about back pain. Perhaps that’s because we see so much of it.  Today I’m going to write about one of the most common reasons people come to me with pain of any kind, and that’s lower back pain.  As much as we don’t like to admit it, as […]

The Runner With Knee Pain

Imagine you had just decided to turn your life around, become more active and lose some weight. You’re smart, so you set the goal to lose the weight not just by changing your eating habits, but by getting into better shape. While it  took you a long time to make that decision, you’re finally there, […]

Doc, My Knee Hurts

Knee pain probably won’t kill you, but it will go a long way toward lowering your quality of life, especially if you are trying to maintain a fitness program. Of course we recommend diet and exercise as the best way to stay healthy and feel vibrant, but those same exercises that keep you fit if […]

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