Treatments for Failed Back Surgery


Back pain is unbelievably common, even among people who are athletic and physically fit. In fact, being physically fit comes with its own kind of potential for back pain

 Naturally we see a lot of back pain in our clinic, especially in the lumbar region. Although some of the people we see can be referred for back surgery, most of them are not good candidates for surgery for a multiplicity of reasons.

We also see a fair number of patients who have already had back surgery and are still in pain. Although there are many minimally invasive spine surgical centers in Arizona, and there are hundreds of people helped by them, these surgical interventions don’t always do the job. In fact there are so many failed back surgeries that there is a condition called failed back surgical  syndrome.

Nothing is more depressing to a patient than when back surgery fails, because that’s the moment where you’ve done everything you thought was available to get rid of your pain and you still have it.

Some of the people who come to our clinic are already on opioids for their back pain when they get to us. But most of them want to be taken off. These are physically fit people who want to restore their functionality and go back to their exercise. We have many non-surgical, minimally-invasive interventions that  can help get people off their opioids, regain their activity levels, and recover from their previous surgery, even if it was quite a while ago.

One of the therapies we offer is spinal cord stimulation by way of a small device that can be used to inhibit the pain signals that reach the patient’s brain. We insert the device in our office in less than ten minutes on a trial basis, and then the patient is able to utilize this device for five days on an outpatient to see if the device will decrease the pain.  This is a minimally invasive procedure to see if we can block the signals that are causing your constant daily pain.

A majority of our patients who are candidates for this type of procedure tell us they get anywhere from 80 to 100% pain relief during the trial. This is the treatment of choice for patients who have already had laminectomies, spinal fusions or other spine surgeries without success. This also happens to be a great option for people who are not surgical candidates or do not want to go down the surgical option due to other medical conditions but still want to get out of pain.

Sometimes even successful back surgeries fix the spine but also put pressure on the sacroiliac joint. To get rid of that problem we use live fluoroscopic guidance to inject a steroid or even

a nonsteroidal medication to help decrease information in the sacroiliac joint.  This is a two to five minute in-office procedure.

Whether you’ve had back surgery or not, we’ll bet we can fix your back pain. It’s worth a phone call to one of our providers to find out.

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